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Back in 2001, K9 Magazine ran an article entitled 101 Reasons Why You Should Insure Your Pet. This salutory article detailed some wild and amazing tales of dogs who had caused their owners some pretty massive problems. Just take a look at some of the incredible acts of canine mayhem…

1.Luke, a four year old Doberman from the West Midlands, ran up a bill of more than £215 after a 38 inch leather belt had to be removed from his stomach.

2.Rusty, a Bull Terrier from Kent astonished vets after managing to consume a pair of bicycle handle bars.

3.Mr A Mills of Motherwell, whose Border Collie was not insured, attempted to claim on his home insurance after an accident in his back garden, when he accidentally peppered poor Mandy with air rifle pellets.

4.Following an attack from a pet Burmese python, Rudy’s injuries cost his owners the princely sum of £2,400, plus the loss of the snake.

5.Bayley, a five year old Dachshund from Hinckley in Leicestershire, required urgent attention after snacking on two of his owner’s golf balls.
6.Sian, a three year old mongrel from Swansea, broke her leg after falling from a sit-down lawnmower. This cost Huw Pickering, a retired insurance broker, £2,000 in vet’s bills.

7.Lee Sidney was left in tears after falling on top of his West Highland terrier, Jake, and fracturing two of the dogs ribs during a barbecue at his rugby club.

8.Lincolnshire couple Ruth and Marco LaBrie were charged £216 by the vet that removed assorted nuts and bolts from the stomach of Nelson, their Bassett.

9.Gemma, a miniature Schnauzer from Reading, diced with danger after swallowing a tube of super-glue. A second operation was necessary when the stitches became loose.

10.Gentle giant Mal the St Bernard needed surgery after destroying his gums by trying to clean the remaining bits of potato from a potato peeler at his home in St Helen’s.

Given that our pets have the uncanny capacity to surprise us and allowing for the fact that some of them seem to be hell bent on destroying either themselves or our most valuable property, we thought it’d be worthwhile to put together a short pet insurance resource for UK dog owners. So we’ve teamed up with to bring you free pet insurance guidance, detailing all you need to know on whether you should insure your pets, what it is likely to cost and whether it is worth the investment:

Pet Insurance Buyer’s Guide

Why Insure Your Pet?

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

What Does Pet Insurance Cost?

Is Pet Insurance Good Value?

Where to Buy Pet Insurance

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Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

Pet Insurance for UK Dogs – Free Buyer’s Resource

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