Pet Charity in Urgent Appeal for Stock

Demand for PDSA’s vet services increased by 10 per cent last year, a figure predicted to grow in the current economic climate. But that hasn’t been matched by donations of stock which can be sold by PDSA’s charity shops.

“Without more donations to our shops we may struggle to help deliver the increasing demand for vet services” says PDSA’s Director of Business Services, Andrew Holl. “If you’re having a spring clean or clearing out your winter wardrobe, please think of PDSA and the thousands of sick and injured pets we care for every week,”

The shops raise funds to help injured pets like Little Man, a Tabby cat from Neath, who was shot by an airgun. Little Man suffered horrific injuries to his eye and was rushed to Swansea PDSA PetAid hospital. There, veterinary staff gave him emergency treatment, including antibiotics and pain killers. Unfortunately, Little Man’s eye was too severely damaged to save, but he survived his ordeal thanks to the care given by veterinary staff at Swansea PDSA PetAid hospital.

Andrew continues: “Every single penny raised in a PDSA shop gets ploughed back into the charity, helping hundreds of thousands of pets across the UK. We have 178 charity shops with many of them able to collect larger items or donations from people’s homes. We urgently need clothing and accessories, as well as household items such as pictures, toys and ornaments.

PDSA has shops across the UK where supporters can drop donations and all funds raised help sick and injured pets. For your nearest PDSA charity shop, visit or call 0800 917 2509.

Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

Pet Charity in Urgent Appeal for Stock

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