Pet Blood Bank Appeals for New Dog Donors

Pet Blood Bank appeals to dog owners to help boost donor numbers due to impact of holiday season on blood supplies.

Pet Blood Bank, the UK’s canine blood donation charity is appealing to dog owners to support them in boosting donor numbers as life saving stocks of red cells start to run low after the holiday season which could mean the difference between life or death for dogs who become critically ill, in need of a transfusion.

At the moment, the charity holds on average three blood collection sessions a week at veterinary practices in Central England, the North East of England and Scotland; however the holiday season tends to have a big impact on blood supplies as many donor owners are away and unable to attend the collection sessions over the summer months.

Pet Blood Bank is appealing to the owners of medium to large dogs who may welcome the opportunity for their dogs to become part of this life saving programme to get in touch with the charity.

Dogs need to be good natured, enjoy human interaction, be between 1-8 years old, fully vaccinated, be fit and well, not on any medication and not be travelled pets.

Breeds which the charity has found to take very well to the donation programme are:

·         Sight hounds – Greyhounds, lurchers and salukis
·         Mastiffs – including Dogue de Bordeaux, English mastiffs and bull mastiffs
·         Retrievers – golden and flat coat
·         Most hunt point and retrieve breeds : Italian Spinones, Pointers, Vislas, Weimeraners, Labradors
·         Dobermans
·         Rottweilers
However, if your dog is a different breed, fits the criteria and you are interested in being part of the programme, please contact Pet Blood Bank on 01509 232 222.  You can also visit the website – or have a look at our Facebook page which is full of feedback from our donor owners and our sessions.

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