Peeing when away from home !!!!

Bella is really clean at home she never pees or poos in the house, yet anytime she is away from home she always pees on the carpet. I thought she only did it when I wasnt there and it was a stress related thing, but we stayed over at a friends house last night, I was in the kitchen and she first peed on the living room carpet then peed on a bedroom carpet. I wasnt in these rooms with her when she did this, but I was in the house and so was Minya. She never gets a row or anything for doing it, but she is a very nervous neurotic little dog. It is now getting embarassing and im having to think twice now about taking her anywhere. The girl who has the kennels where Minya and Bella stay when im working was saying that if she takes Minya out for a walk first, Bellla always pees in the kennels, so she now takes Bella out for a walk first and she dosent pee in the kennel now at all. Any ideas anyone????

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