Pedigree Dogs Exposed Nominated for Major Broadcast Award

The controversial documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed has been recognised by the broadcasting industry with a nomination for a highly coveted Broadcast Award in the ‘Best Documentary’ category (the only BBC made doc to get a nod).
The film, which highlighted ‘The greatest animal welfare scandal of our time’, has been subject to much debate in and out of the dog world.
The BBC themselves are even considering whether or not to continue broadcasting Crufts in the wake of the hard hitting programme.
The Kennel Club described Pedigree Dogs Exposed as ‘biased’ and have complained about its content to Ofcom – the broadcast regulator. However, in the weeks and months following the airing of Pedigree Dogs Exposed the Kennel Club has rapidly announced a series of initiatives to look in to the standards of pedigree dog health and has acknowledged that the public response to the documentary has sent a clear message.


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