Passing Dog on walk etiquette


I think maybe I have the wrong idea of dogs passing on walks and wouldnt mind a few views on etiquette!!

Misha is fab offlead, as long as there arent any other dogs close by.
She can be way too boisterous for them and tends to mug them and chase if she gets the chance. Soooo I tend to call her back sit her down and either stick her on her lead at which point she does a dancing bear routine as the other dog goes past. OR I sit her down and hold her collar and keep her sat until said dog has passed. Now shes a big strong pooch so my favoured action is to distract her with grub and hold her collar in a sit which she does great!! cant be doing with my arms being pulled out of their sockets all the time.

Now thats fine when people have their dogs on a lead or when the other persons dog is enviably well behaved and walks past nose in the air…great stuff we can then continue on.

now its starting to drive me nuts the amount of people who see me put her on the lead, sit her down and then allow their dogs to come over and harrass her while I’m trying to hold her. Last walk a big Weim came bounding over, decided to get stroppy and bloody well went for her while I was holding her collar. Ignored her owner and tbh as my hands were close to the tooth end I ended up letting go with the shock which was probably not the best thing to do. Thankfully the owner came along and hauled his dog off by the collar.

another occasion, same day different spot on a narrow path I popped her on her lead and sat her, again leadless dog, with owner came over snarling at Misha and the owner just stood there!! This time I had the lead and started hauling Misha off.

Am I wrong to sit her down and wait?
should I be hauling her past the dogs?
Shes fantastic at going past when a dog is well behaved and doesnt start being dodgy with her as yuo can guarantee that a bit of food is more enticing to her than a dog, but its timing and I dont always get it right so sometimes when its busy I prefer to be safe than sorry so to speak, but its driving me nuts!!!

surely if people see me stop and put my dog on her lead they know I dont want her harrassing their dog, I wouldnt do it for no reason. Am starting to get to the point where I feel like just eaving her to it, but then I know she’d harrass the dogs and be a pain in the behind!!!

sooooo whats the accepted etiquette?

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