Parson Jack Russel Problem

HI, I have a parson jack who is 2yrs old and a rescue dog who we have had for 12months now.The problem we have is when out for a walk,he will go mad at other dogs.It comes across as being agressive,but hes bark is worse than his bite.He does this screeching,yelping noise and just wants to go over an see the other dog.We have tried diffrent harnsess’s,leads etc and even a Dog trainer,all with no change.We are running out of ideas and its more embrassing than anything,its like having a screaming child!!.He is so good in every other way,apart from this little hitch.We have also tried spraying water,shaking a tin with stones in,walking the other way etc.Has anyone got an ideas please,as we have run out!!. Thanks in advance Dave

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