Outrage as Healthy Dogs are Put to Sleep

Local greyhound rescue workers have expressed shock and outrage after a trainer who races dogs at
the Henlow track had four healthy greyhounds “put to sleep” by a Hitchin vet.
Joanne Page, who trains greyhounds at kennels near Sandy, took the ex-racers to be “put down” at
Berry House Vets in Hitchin last Wednesday.

Her actions caused shock and outrage throughout the local branch of Greyhound Rescue West of
England, after one of their volunteers, who was in the vets at the time, tried in vain to save the
An international greyhound protection group, Greyhound Action, has also expressed dismay.
The group’s UK co-ordinator, Tony Peters, said: “We first heard about the tragic deaths of these
four dogs through an on-line greyhound forum and subsequently made enquiries to confirm what had
“What is particularly tragic in this case is that the greyhounds could have been saved by local
rescue workers, had the trainer in question approached them, instead of just […]

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