Other ways to socialise Chloe

Since the incident with the two rotties, Chloe has been scared of other dogs. Off-lead, she retreats, barking, and on-lead she just barks and jumps around, sounding for all the world like she is aggressive, but given the opportunity she retreats. Distraction doesn’t work, I’ve tried when I catch sight of another dog getting her attention before she sees it, but she’s not even interested in hotdog or cheese as soon as she spots the other dog even if I had her full attention moments before.

In about a year, assuming all else goes to plan, we’ll probably be mating her for the first time. Not sure how that would happen if she’s not happier with other dogs by then, so I need advice.

There’s another cocker that we meet up with on walks sometimes, and he’s helpful since he’s very very polite and calm, and will wait for Chloe to approach him and then stand very still while she sniffs him. The owner always seems to be busy though, despite agreeing we’ll walk together more often, so I assume she doesn’t enjoy walking with us (understandably).

Just walking her where we are likely to bump into other dogs seems to produce mixed results, since the dogs around here fall into two distinct camps: very well mannered, or completely homicidal (should that be canicidal? dogicidal?). We meet a few of the former, and progress is made, and then one of the others shows up and we go back several steps.

I can’t drive yet, but I hope to pass my test by March.

What can I do?

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