Opening Communications Seminar 22/23 May 2009 Rod Roberts, Northumberland

Opening Communications seminar
with Rod Roberts.
Fri/Sat 22nd & 23rd MAY 2009

The advice ‘praise your dog, fuss your dog, play with your dog’ is often given freely but has anyone explained HOW???

This workshop is designed to address these problems.

Once the skills of praising, fussing & playing are mastered it will undoubtedly improve your relationship, enhance motivation and concentration and thereby increase your dog’s confidence.
Raising confidence will result in your dog working happily to a level rarely achieved previously.

The workshop will focus on improving observational skills thereby increasing understanding of a dogs contextual and
micro body language.

The skills learnt at an Opening Communications workshop will allow you to communicate with your dog at an altogether new level.

Cost £90 per day. Discount price £140 for 2 days.
For further details of workshop & booking contact
Jacquie Hall. 01665 720763/ 07813 912889
e’mail ;

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