Once again about the toilet training

I know that this subject had been raised million times already here, but i still need proper advice πŸ™‚ When we took our beagle puppy she was 8 weeks old and not fully vaccinated so we trained her to go on special pads in the bathroom. When she had her vaccine at the age of 3,5 months we started to go out.

She is fully capable to stay all night from 10pm till 9am without going toilet while she asleep. Also she is quite fine till about 5pm as we take her out at the morning and lunch time and also take her out for a minute or so every hour.

But at the evening, usually when i come from work she becomes very exited and peeing on the stairs to our flat quite often. We still take her out every 30 minutes or so, but she still manages to find time to wee inside the flat. Sometimes she comes to me while i’m eating and ask for food. When i refuse she goes and wees. Seems like she does it as some kind of protest πŸ™‚

Anyway, how can i stop such behaviour. We praise her when she does it outside and call her ‘bad dog’ when she does inside. We tried different tactics and she still does it. Also she is still a 5 month old puppy, but i would like to get rid of such problem ASAP πŸ™‚

Many thanks

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