Obedience people (Sarabe, Smokey?) – Sendaway

After putting it off and giving a lot of thought to the various methods of teaching it, I settled on the following:

Taught her to target one of those plastic lids you put on cans of beans/pet food to keep it fresh after it’s opened. Taught a paw target and then progressed to her lying down on it.

I can now send her to lie on it in various different situations/locations.

Done a bit in the garden using markers, placing the target just in front of the back marker. Our garden isn’t that big so we couldn’t incorporate much distance.

At class this week, we worked on the village green and introduced a lot more distance which worked really well – got a really fast sendaway and I’ve started the "down" cue when she’s already going down on the target. As soon as she goes down, I’m rushing up and treating/playing tug. She definitely knows what I want and what she’s being rewarded for, so far.


What’s the next step? Do I gradually make the target smaller so that she starts aiming for the marker as opposed to the target?

She sometimes drops so immediately that her back is to me – does that matter? My trainer reckons that as I start to introduce calling her out for the A recall, she’ll start positioning herself so she can see me?

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