obedience break through

i am working hard with Harry, as i want to do competeitive obedience with him. i am sharing this as i am so chuffed.
we have got the hang of him listening to commands – as in ‘close’ ‘back’ etc, but today he actually did some good heelwork whilst holding his head in the correct position- walking tall- with his head watching my every move.
i could only see his shadow , but my freind who trains us was so proud that he was working so well.
it has taken a long time, as he is very excitable & also has a very short attention span, so getting the balance between keeping him focussed, yet not overexcited has been hard.:hmmmm:
until recently he would jump up nipping my hand, which would obviously get him points docked, ( he has even bitten my boob, :ahhhhh:which was EXTREMELY painful when my trainer said to lift my hand higher so he couldnt get it,)
sorry this probably seems a strange boast, but i feel we have finally got it!!
watch out for a great dane in obedience!!:dancing2:

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