Not yet but…

Smallest son wants a little dog of his own.

He is, IMO, too young yet (he’s only just 6) – however, if he’s still keen in about 4 years time we’ll think about it.

He’s fab with the dogs – gentle and very sensible.

If/when we DO get one for him, it will need to be something smallish (so it won’t pull him over even if its LLW leaves something to be desired), child-friendly and preferably low-shedding (OH has been known to be a bit allergic although he’s been fine with our PoodleX’s so far).

Oh, and it needs to be trainable enough so that if/when he gets bored with it, I can nab it and teach it tricks 😀

I’m thinking maybe a Cairn? Mini-Poo?

As I said it won’t be for years yet but anyone got any recommendations?

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