No Action to be Taken in DDA Welfare Scandal

London dog owner Glynis Walker has told of her anger at finding out no action will be taken against police and kennels involved in the “care” of her pet dog Kodee who was returned to her cut, sore, smelling and riddled with worms. Walker made an official complaint following the return of her dog he spent nearly 4 months in secure kennels as a banned “pit bull type”. She was so horrified by the condition of her dog she took pictures showing the cuts to his muzzle, worm infested faeces, sore scrotum and oversized and sore tattoo.

More than one year after the return of her dog and complaining to the RSPCA, Ms Walker received a copy of a memo between the RSPCA and the Met police. The memo was sent from the RSPCA to the Met police but Ms Walker was not told of the outcome until three months AFTER the police had received the memo.

The memo stated that the RSPCA had finished their investigation and found that the complaints of unnecessary suffering are ” unfounded”. Ms Walker is also angry that the memo from the RSPCA she has received states she agreed with this conclusion.

Ms Walker said “Why on earth would I agree the complaints are unfounded when I have been fighting on Kodees behalf for the last 15 months? Kodee came home cut, sore and it should be clear to anyone that this is not acceptable. Had I caused or allowed those injuries I would expect to be charged but it seems to be one rule for dog owners and another for the police and kennels holding our dogs. I am very unhappy and intend to take this further.”

In a bid to prevent similar happening to other dogs Ms Walker made an official complaint to the RSPCA and started a Facebook group “cruelty to dogs in police care” which now has almost 2000 members. Welfare of dogs particularly within the London area has been of grave concern for some time as dogs continue to come home underweight, smelling and with “extreme” tattoos. Freedom of Information requests show that 1-2 dogs are dying from illness on average every week while being held within the Met area.

Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

No Action to be Taken in DDA Welfare Scandal

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