New Competition: Which Country Can Write the Worst Dangerous Dog Laws?

It’s a battle of the Auld enemy: England v Scotland, with Wales joining the English in this particular showdown.
The aim, it seems, is to see which country can write a dangerous dogs law which is actually worse than the one we’ve already got now. Worse than one of the worst, most derided laws in all of British legislation. Worse than a law which has captured THOUSANDS of innocent dogs in its discriminatory claws. Worse than a law which is virtually impossible to enforce.

The contenders:
The Scottish Bill (see our thoughts on it here)
Versus: The newly pitched Control of Dogs Act (see thoughts on that here)
Let’s take a look who’s doing and saying what…
PLANS to slap “dog ASBOs” on vicious mutts and their owners have won the backing of Scotland’s posties.
More than 6000 postmen and women are victims of dog attacks in Britain each year.
CWU health and safety officer Dave Joyce said: […]

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