New Anti-Dog Magazine Serialises Dog Killing Fiction

A magazine in Germany, dedicated to dog hating, has launched with the serialisation of a dog killer who stalks the streets of Hamburg.

The Wall Street Journal reports:
In 1992, four journalists sat at a local pub and played a drunken game: What's the most absurd magazine title you can come up with?

After several rounds of Guinness, they agreed that in dog-crazy Germany a magazine devoted to dog haters would be pretty pointless. They even dreamed up a name: "Kot & Köter" in German, which translates to "Poop & Pooches."

For two decades, the magazine remained a joke—but one that got a lot of attention. One of the journalists, Wulf Beleites, trademarked the name—also a joke—and unexpectedly became a minor celebrity when the fictional title was reported in the German press. Between 1992 and 1998, he appeared as editor in chief of Kot & Köter on 18 local TV talk shows, despite the fact that the magazine didn't exist.

But suddenly today, Kot & Köter has become reality. Mr. Beleites, struggling to stay afloat in the wounded media business, decided to launch Kot & Köter for real—and it was a hit. The first issue, of 1,000 copies, sold out in days, and a further 1,750 copies were quickly printed. The second issue, published this month, contains a further 48 pages crammed with anti-dog material.

The lead story is a satirical look at how to "Pimp Up Your Pooch." Another article is about kitschy dog cemeteries. A serialized novel features the case of a dog murderer who prowls the streets of Hamburg.

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