Never again

It is just coming to the end of a dog’s boarding stay. He has been here for 10days and goes home tomorrow. (Hurrah!):party:

He is a 10 month old mastiff x am bulldog and a nice natured dog – but blooming hard work. My collie doesn’t want to be anywhere near him so he has been kept well away. This dog does not have any understanding of when a dog does not want to play with him and even Maisie the yorkie had her lips bared snarling and gave him about an 8 seconds clear warning before making a move to make contact with his nose! His response to her snarls was to literally bounce off the walls and onto the sofa where he nearly landed on top of her. How he has not had an early castration I will never know!

Tess told him in clear language to back off and he did not understand that either. So he has been kept away from the little dogs. That is three of our dogs that he has been kept well clear of.

Lady the dobermann has played with him as she is a glutton for punishment but next to him she is appearing mature and calm and I never thought I would say that about Lady.:smile:

The only dog that he minds his manners with is Tara and I was standing by ready to step in as she really had to roar in his face and be extremely threatening before he got it. He has a marked respect for her now and does not attempt to leap on her when he greets her in the morning.

He is virtually impossible to confine as he leaps over the dog gate with such ease it is barely noticeable that he is about to do it. Wherever he is he wants to be somewhere else. The first three nights I had to sleep in the lounge on the floor as he would not settle.

And yet – outside he is a dream to walk on a lead. He plays with the other dogs fairly sensibly and is not the energetic dog he would appear to be in the confines of a house.

I have boarded dogs that bark a lot, are not well-mannered around other dogs, that are insecure, energetic, have little training, are not clean in the house etc etc but this one has been everything rolled into one and I will not be unhappy to take him home. :burnout:

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