Neutered males aggressive towards Unneutered males?

Was in the dog park today minding my own business when this intact bulldog comes sniffing my dog’s rear. My dog snaps at him and it looks like they’re going at it but there was no contact. The owner tells me off (not in a mean way, like he talked to me as if I was a ‘child’ and as if he’s only trying to be helpful) and ‘teaches’ me how to handle my dog and how to teach my dog ‘to know that his dog only wants to play.’ His method is grabbing the dog by the collar and telling it ‘No’ while hitting it lightly. Right, that would solve everything. :huh: Meanwhile, his dog is following us across the field and he’s calling his name (Spike! Spike! Here Spike, come here!) and his dog it totally ignoring him. Hm…. Might just be me, but I don’t think this (insert bad word here) is qualified to give me ‘advice.’

ANYWHO, this isn’t the first though… Sor’s got quite a problem with intact males sniffing his rear, and I’ve seen it in other dogs too. What’s up?

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