Needs a rant!!

I love my family – i really i do but my SIL really pushes the boundaries!

she has been married to my brother for 15 years and she suffered with post natal depression after thier first child was born (my niece who is 14).

She has always seemed to think that she doesn’t fit in the family that she is "invisible" (quote from the text i’ve just had from her)
She is far from invisible!!!! infact whenever we arrange anything we always have to think "is this gonna upset pearly in anyway".

so after 15 years of keeping my mouth shut over various things that have been said and done i’ve opened it.

my mum told me that my brother and SIL and kids might be coming up to mine on sunday when my mum is there.
I text my SIL to check to see if they were coming, which they are not cos my bro had to go to holland last min (cos i’ve deleted my bro moby no by acident) and she didn’t know anything about it, she’s now gone off on one saying "i’m always last to know, i’m invisble in this family etc."

so i basically told her to stop being pathetic, she’s not invisble, she wasn’t the last to know cos there obviously wasn’t anything TO know, if it was just an idea!
i basically told her to grow up and apreciate what she’s got (not those eact words)

I know i sound harsh but she’s caused so many rifts in this family and problems between my bro and my mum that i just can’t keep quiet anymore.
I am fed up of having to walk on eggshells around her all the time.

I have my niece ring me up in the middle of the night asking me to come and get her cos my SIL has called her a slut, and to get out (ok she’s a teenager and not whiter than white, but she’s not your tyrpical cider drinking teenager) She says some really nasty things to the kids sometimes.

there is a lot more to everything that i’ve written but i would be writing pages and pages.
what really annoys me is my mum travels all the way from devon to Northampton to go see them regualrly and they go to devon twice a year maybe?
and my SIL has the cheek to bitch about my mum on her blog saying that my mum prefers my other brothers kids to hers because they are european (my other bro girlfriend is polish) my SIL is chinese malay.
Now how do you think my mum feels when she reads that??

It really annoys me, and i had to have a rant sorry.

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