need a serious rant

I apologise for ranting away or harping on again about my wrist, but I just have to get this off my chest cos its buggin me big time.

Now I didnt have a particulariy good time of it after the op as you may well know, having found nothing and gone through that pain and hassel for what seemed nothing at the time, plus having an allergic reaction to yet another pain killer (limiting me now to iboprofen and paracetomol)and sitting there with the consultant talking to me whilst I tried to not throw up again – wearing at the time most of the orange squash that I had brought up and not really feeling my best, and the one strong pain killer upsetting my tummy after taking it too long and having to have tablets to solve that problem – which in turn I had to stop because I kept getting nose bleeds.

You can see that I did not really have fun, not that any operation or recovery is fun.

Today one of the customers asked me how my follow up went – they knew the stitches were coming out and that I was looking forward to hopefully getting good news. So I said honestly that it went well, even though I got told off for not resting my wrist enough after the op.

So my cashier piped up "well when I had my hip replaced they had me up and walking around the next day so I had to use it" – well yes but she was also on morphine :angry: I didnt say that I wasnt supposed to be using it, and I am not saying my op was any way worse than hers, but a hip joint is far less complicated than a wrist joint, plus they were not expecting her to go out night clubbing the following day – nor running for a bus. Just gentle managed excersise to help it mend – which is what the physio would have prefurred me doing, not getting money out the floor safe, lifting heavy things, twisting the wrist and hand in angles it wasnt ready for – or driving.

For the record, for the first few days touching anything with my thumb was excrutiating, but it didnt stop me from trying my hardest to be as normal as possible, I still am in a lot of pain with it – more than before and I have a nasty lump on one of the bones now which I presume is swelling from the op. The stitches area is really sore and one didnt heal properly leaving me with a huge lumpy ghastly looking wound – its healed underneath now, but its going to scar big time. But me being me will still carry on as normal – even stupidly trimming goats feet on sunday – I will get by as I always have done for 6 years like this.

Rant over

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