Naughty boy!!!!!!!

Tyson is our five month old Cirneco Del etna, we knew he would be a handful as we have had his mother Bella since she was 9 weeks old, and boy was she naughty!! any way I went shopping today and left it on the worktop to put away later. We then took all of the dogs out for a good run. Came back and logged on here, Tyson was as usual under the coffee table chewing something, he then went through to the kitchen, I thought he had gone to sleep in his bed, about 10 mins later my OH went through to put kettle on and called me through, the floor was covered in what looked like blood, I thought OMG hes taken an empty can out of the bin and been chewing it and must have cut his mouth really badly, the dog bed was covered in it as well and it really did look like blood. On further investigation, the little darling had taken a tube of Tomato puree off the worktop and chewed it completely, squirting the puree everywhere in the process!!, must say I was very relieved to discover this, but looks like we wont be having spag bol tonight after all.

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