Nature V Nurture

Following on from the tragic story about the little boy who has been killed. I don’t really want to comment of that, as I know nothing about it apart from what has been said on the news.

Ryan said something elsewhere, which I hope he wont mind me paraphrasing (I know he is busy tonight!), along the lines that it matters not what breed the dog is, it is all down to how they are brought up / treated. I just wondered what everyone thought about that?

I am sort of in agreement. I have seen the terrible results of ill treatment in Simon, who first came to me extremely timid, head shy, and fearfully aggressive. His true personality is laid back softie. I know from witnesses he had been beaten. But are there dogs that will always be aggressive, no matter what? My dog was soft lump, but are there maybe very confident dogs (of any breed), who just would turn into monsters no matter what the home life / training / socialising?

I would be really interested to hear your thoughts 🙂

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