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Natural Instinct

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Natural Instinct make high quality, natural bone and raw food ready meals for dogs made from all natural ingredients, including 80% meat and bones and 20% fruit and vegetables - with no grain or fillers of any kind!

What Natural Instinct Say…

Our family dogs have an evolutionary and genetic history designed for eating raw meats and bones. They do not have the necessary stomach enzymes to break down some commercial dog foods that may contain up to 70% grain as filler, and in some dogs this can lead to all sorts of skin and ear infections, organ damage, weight problems and even early deaths - not to mention large soft stools of indigestible ingredients all over your garden.

Our premium dog food recipes are prepared fresh from all natural ingredients, with no artificial additives or preservatives, and are full of the things your dog loves to eat such as chicken, lamb, vegetables, fruit and bones. Our products are just like the healthy homemade dog food you would like to make, without the time, expense and inconvenience, and contain no wheat, grain or other fillers like you find in many other commercial dog foods.

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