My poor Lacey girl

I arrived home from work tonight to Find Lace spread eagled and crying in a large pool of wee. Bundles of dog hair all around her paw space. Shes covered in wee and even her head is still wet. She has had accidents in the house recenetly, but never has she been unable to get away from them. Always distressed by them, but never IN them.

Ive been out for 5.5 hours, longer than normal, working, talk night. The longest night I work.

The wee was cold and she must have been scrabbling about in it trying to get up for hours.

She was exhausted and shaky. Had the strenght for a wee outside (i carried her) and I felt I needed to bath her, not for me, but for her, she has always been such a clean dog, i THINK she would have hated being covered in wee. was that right?????

Hope ive done the right thing.

She is collpased in bed now, by the radiator, in the bedroom…..
Wet from the bath but warm with the heating on and a radiator next to her. GOD ITS HOT IN HERE!!!!!

I hate this. She is nearly 18. She has been such a lifeline for me.

Monday. Vets visit, to arrange a whatever the time, whatever the day, you come here to help Lace if need be, deal. My trusted vet is an hour away…. Is that right???? Have I done right in keeping my old vet so far away?????

I feel sad times are looming close for all in my home.

Daily I ask myself, can I deal with the pain of another dogs death??? Why do we do this??? Knowing we are going to suffer when they die before we die????

Such is the draw of dogs……:adore::adore::adore:

Becasue dogs are brillaint! The fact that we can share our lives with such amazing beings is just pure joy. Thats why. The pain, of losing such a love, is dreadfull, but Il do it again – I know I will.

Thank the lord or whatever it is that gives life its joy for the love that my best friends, my dogs, provide, and may that whatever it is that makes life meanigfull, give me the strength that I must surely must need, to get through these next few, what??? hours? days? weeks? months?

Oh look! There are other dogs to care for…… Cloud and Connor, confused by the Lace incident, frightened of the wee (did I house train them so well – I feel guilty for that!) oh God give me the strenght to do the right thing, when the right time comes.

I LOVE YOU LACE. Sleep well through this night my angel….. XXX

I might be a mess quite soon, dogchat friends…….. forgive me….. x

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