My "Holiday" in Devon

Well, I have just spent the last week at my parents place in Devon while they were away in Ireland – and god did i draw the short straw on luck! It rained EVERYDAY! apart from yesterday when it was sunny but spent the day in the garage with my dad trying to fix my car that has decided to die on me!

Now i’m not complaining and i am very lucky that i can have free (kinda) holidays in devon but was very disapointed that it rained everyday, we did go out despite the rain, riding accross exmoor (my OH’s first time on a horse!) and to exmoor zoo and various walks 9wet ones) in the glorious devonshire countryside!

But i think the fact that my car is dead kinda spoilt it more than the rain – my dad has had to lend me (much to his disgust) his 2 ltr 4X4 (that he said he’d never let me drive cos its his pride and joy he he!)
So I have that for the week as i needed it to get to work etc and i managed to convince him that putting me on the insurance for 10 days would be cheaper than trying to hire me a car!

Only downside is next friday i have to drive all the way back to devon (232 miles) to take thier car back and pick mine up – which is fine BUT on the 14th aug i am going back to devon for my mum’s annual family party!

which means i am making 3 trips from notts to devon in a month!! thats a lot of driving!

so had a nice holiday – sort of. 🙂

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