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My Dogs Personalities Are Defined by the Way They Treat Doors

My dogs are defined by doors.
I worked it out today. The way each of them deals with doors is pretty much the summing up of their individual personalities. It really is as neat and tidy as that.
Here is Chloe. She’s 9, a working-bred Labrador Retriever.

She is, as the image might suggest, a peace loving Labrador. A Labra-hippie. She is a gentle soul who tends to go out of her way to avoid conflict, to avoid any trouble and to steer clear of doing anything likely to provoke a negative reaction in people or other dogs. She is kindly in her nature and her control of non confrontational body language is masterful. She could take the sting out of wasp’s tail and sit down with it for a tea party, she’s that good of a diplomat.
Chloe’s treatment of doors: In all her years I have never seen Chloe ‘barge’ a door, [...]

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