My Dog: An Irrational Purchase

written by Craig Towersey
I guess most men get to a certain age and feel there is something missing in their lives, some sort of mid life event, sometimes referred to as a crisis. It usually manifests itself in the acquisition of a sports car, a powerful motorbike or a new wife or girlfriend about half their own age. My own life had undergone dramatic change over the last few years and somewhere, deep inside me, I suspect I was hankering for something.

No fancy sports car for me, my new partner, Ann, had one that I could drive when I wished, no great desire for a Harley Davidson either, sure it was on my wish list, but it was way down there with lots of other things jostling for position above it. No, my irrational purchase, the sure sign that I had finally lost it, was a puppy.
It came to me […]

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