My Daughters hamster died today!

Woke up this morning and went to get the kids up, as i did noticed that Angel (ironic name really considering) wasn’t up and about making loads of noise as per usual.. tapped on the cage and saw his nose twitching but he didn’t come out… got him out the cage and he didn’t wriggle at all but bit my finger…. (he never ever bites normally), he had all stuff round his bum and was breathing really shallowly…… due to no car (dh has got mine) had to walk 20 minutes to the vets with my 6yr old and angel in a little box… fell over twice in the ice (fairly sure that didn’t do the little mite no favors :() – got to the vets and was taken straight in….. vet took one look and said that he was dying basically πŸ™ πŸ™ Kloe (my dd) was distraught saying no he cant die he is my pet and i love him, we had a chat about what happens etc when pets die and she made the very brave decision to have him PTS. πŸ™

The vets were lovely, left us with him for 10 minutes or so, so that we could say goodbye – cue Kloe saying "you were the best hamster ever and i love you very much πŸ™ ) Cue me sobbing as well (helpful parent me!!) we then left him at the vets for them to do there job… I had to walk Kloe home with her sobbing the whole way (thankfully no falling over).

I know its just a hamster but i feel SO sad, Its right ontop of christmas and she really looked after him well, maybe not as much exercise as he could have had but she used to chat to him all the time and was brilliant with cleaning his cage and food/water…

Poor little mite is so upset πŸ™

So RIP Angel, you will be missed πŸ™

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