Want to Move Abroad With Dogs? Most UK Dog Owners Reluctant

Taking animals to a foreign country viewed negatively by most UK pet owners according to a new survey.

Many of us who dream of the expat life picture the cherished family pet moving as well.

Whether it’s your cats in the Costas or the dog in the Dordogne, a move somewhere warm wouldn’t be the same without them!

In fact, worries about taking a pet may cause potential movers to decide against it completely.

New research suggests that UK pet owners with an interest in moving abroad would be ‘reluctant to do so’ due to problems they associate with taking animals to a foreign country.

According to a study from an online visa application help website, 61 per cent of pet owners would be unwilling to commit to an expatriate lifestyle due to their pets; with just under half, 44 per cent, citing ‘quarantine laws’ as the main factor keeping them from taking their pets to a new life abroad.

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