morning mooching

We have had the honour of meeting up these lovely mornings with a good friend and her greyhound (one of two, the girly doesnt do mornings πŸ˜† ) and her current foster lurcher.

Mr Bojangles (Bo) is in the red and white collar, pepper in the blue one, and Poppy the lurcher is the blond lady.

We went to Grove park today and I remembered my camera for once and I am so glad.
it is a stunning park somedays – just have to have big photos I am afraid cos they are stunning

I wondered why I couldnt shift pepper, took me a while to follow her gaze

it was a squiggle

(sorry camera is not brilliant – nor the person using it)
does my bum look big in this πŸ˜† πŸ˜† (its poppys bum and me)

bo looks on at something whilst pepper finds a bush more interesting


sexy bum bo :love: (think they were looking for injuns)

poppy :love::love:

they love their together mooching

bo doing a brilliant recall

and pepper does one in her own sweet time – no hurry love πŸ˜†

taking in the scenery

I’m coming mum

shame its out of focus cos its a lovely photo – just had to keep it

Mr Bo doing another great recall (and pepper eventually followed)

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