More Polo concerns

I know I am fretting about my boy a lot. But the other thing about Polo that is concerning me are his energy levels.

He seems to get tired very quickly – and thirsty. When I exercise him in the morning I start off with some ball games at the beginning of the walk and after 5 or 6 runs (and I don’t throw the ball terribly far) he seems to get tired. He then has a break to just run about a bit and go to the loo and he will soon lie down for a rest. Then he walks on several more paces and lies down and rests again. He still seems to have the will to play and do stuff but lacks the energy and then seems to lose concentration to do quite simple things in return for his ball thrown.

He looks about for a puddle for a drink or someone cool to lie after what I feel is not a lot of exercise. He is heavy-coated but although its been milder and sometimes sunny is obviously not warm yet.

He is incredibly chilled out at home for a collie, which is great in one way but another thing that just adds to the picture.

I’m thinking of maybe trying to get a pound or two off his weight as he is possibly carrying a fraction more than is comfortable for him although he is not overweight as such.

We already have a gsd with a thyroid problem and its niggling me a bit about Polo now and his lack of energy.

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