More pics of my Clumber boy

Greetings everyone! I don’t know if anyone remenbers me. I showed soem pictures here of my new puppy last year. I still read the forum regularly (even if I don’t log in ) but i’m afrad I don’t contribute much as I feel kind of inferior when it comes to my knowelge of dogs compared to most of the wonderful posters here. I hope it’s still ok to post some pictures of my boy now he’s almost a year old and grown a bit!

I take alot of pictures of him, he’s very photogenic. Sorryif it’s too photoheavy, I have a hard time choosing which to post. Let me know if it’s too much and i’ll take some down. All of these pictures were taken by my sister who is quite a queen photograher.

For laughs:

Oh deary me, I do’t think I we got his good side here!

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