Milo has got a chipped bone in his shoulder..

Some time ago I noticed that Milo would limp after he’d been out on walks.. Especially if we’d been playing fetch for a long time or if he’d been running a lot. So I took him to the vet, who said that it might be arthritis.. πŸ™ But he wanted Milo booked in for xrays, so they could have a look at his leg. He had the xrays done and I was told that Milo has got a chipped bone in his shoulder and that he might need surgery. :crying: They said that they would send the xrays to some specialists and let me know what they said, so the vet told me to limit Milos exercise until then. I did and Milo stopped limping. :001_smile: When the xrays came back to my vet, they called me and I went to see my vet again. I told him about Milos progress and he told me to continue ‘the limited exercise’ for another 6 weeks.

Most days Milo is fine.. But sometimes he still limps and it breaks my heart:crying:
I love Milos vet (he’s soo good, kind and helpful) I completely trust him and I know he only wants what’s best for Milo. But I feel helpless.. πŸ™ I want to help Milo get better, if I can.. So I’ve been thinking about giving Milo extra calcium for his bones and my OH has suggested acupuncture..

Is there anything I can do for Milo? Or do I just take one day at a time and see ehat happens?

I need some advice, guys…

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