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Merseyside Animal Rescue Launches Bull Breed Welfare Campaign

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In 2012, in response to the sheer volume of unwanted bull breed type dogs across the UK and in particular Merseyside, Freshfields Animal Rescue created their ‘Bull Breed Welfare (BBW)’ initiative.

Figures published in a dog magazine quoted the belief that one Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross is put to sleep every hour in the UK and that 40% of these dogs do not make it past their fourth birthday. Dogs of bull breed type make up over 70% of Freshfields ‘waiting to be admitted’ list. These figures make distressing reading.

BBW aims to tackle the root of the problem at the communities’ heart by offering discount and in many cases FREE neutering for all bull breed type dogs.

To highlight the problem of unwanted bull breed dogs and to promote this ‘workable solution’, the Bull Breed Welfare initiative have teamed up with John Moores University Liverpool and produced a short film. The film includes footage of unwanted bull breeds in animal rescues across Merseyside, including Freshfields Animal Rescue, Halewood RSPCA, Dogs Trust Liverpool, Liverpool Dog Rescue, Carla Lane Animals In Need and Merseyside Dogs Home.

Each rescue is struggling to reach out and help the sheer volume of unwanted bull breeds. We would like to publicise this film to show that the general public have a part to play. By neutering their bull breed dogs, pressure on animal rescue centres will lessen and as the population reduces, ultimately less animals will be destroyed!

With Christmas around the corner we would like to send out a clear message to the people of Merseyside.

Buster - Freshfields Animal Rescue Liverpool


Buster, pictured here, is a Bull Mastiff cross currently in the care of Freshfields Animal Rescue and looking for a new home. Image taken to mark the donation of dog food to the centre this Christmas on behalf of The Co-operative.

Find out more about Buster today:

Speaking on behalf of the rescue centre, trustee Elaine Chin said, “Please be responsible, don’t buy pets as presents. Don’t breed from your bull breed dog and add to an already unmanageable situation. Please neuter your bull breed dog… we can help! So far we have neutered 167 dogs in Merseyside as part of this initiative and we aim to build on this figure year on year. Be a part of the solution not the problem. Together we can make 2014 a more positive year for bull breed dogs”.

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