Merial Animal Health Announces Freedom to Move Campaign

Merial Animal Health, manufacturer of Supleneo flex, have launched the Freedom to Move campaign to raise awareness about canine joint health.

At the centre of the campaign is the Freedom to Move website ( which acts as a central resource containing lots of practical advice to promote healthy joints, whatever the age of a dog.

A recent survey of pet owners identified a worrying lack of understanding and awareness about the signs of potentially treatable age-related diseases, particularly canine osteoarthritis (Davies, 2011).

The survey also identified that a high proportion of owners would not seek veterinary advice should they see their dog exhibiting any of these eminently treatable symptoms.

The campaign will therefore focus on educating dog owners to help them to recognise the signs of age-related diseases, focusing specifically on joint mobility, and to seek appropriate advice from veterinary practices.

In addition to extensive veterinary practice support, a major education led campaign under the heading of ‘Canine Mobility Month’ will run this October partnered with Total Pet Publishing. The campaign is designed to raise the awareness and understanding of joint mobility and osteoarthritis and promote the effective veterinary management of this disease.

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