Meet Storm: The Canine Cash Point

A three-year-old canine has made her own unique contribution to boost the coffers of veterinary charity PDSA, after vets removed three coins she had swallowed!

Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Storm, lived up to her name when she was brought into Leicester PDSA PetAid hospital by owner Debra Clarke. It all started when Debra’s daughter, Ellie aged 6, emptied her piggy bank onto the floor. Before she could begin counting her savings, mischievous Storm had managed to snaffle some coins and gulped them down.

Debra said: “I first discovered what Storm had done when I heard Ellie shout ‘Mum, Storm pinched my money!’ I rushed into the living room and discovered Ellie on the floor with an empty money box and some of her money on the floor. I wasn’t sure if Storm had eaten any coins but she looked extremely guilty.”

Debra phoned Leicester PDSA PetAid hospital for advice and soon afterwards she was taken to the PetAid hospital for treatment. X-rays were taken which revealed some strange circular objects in Storm’s large intestine.

PDSA Veterinary Surgeon Richard Ewers said: “Our veterinary team were all intrigued to find out if Storm had swallowed anything and were very surprised to see the coins on the x-rays! We do see many cases of pets swallowing foreign objects but this was very unusual. I have never seen anything like it.”

Storm was kept in overnight and x-rayed periodically to check the coins were not causing an internal blockage. She was given fluids to keep her hydrated and food and liquid paraffin to ease her constipation and to help her pass the coins naturally. The following day, vets removed three 2p coins from Storm, which revealed the canine had swallowed a total of sixpence!

Luckily she made a full recovery without the need for surgery and with no internal damage. Owner, Debra Clarke said: “I am very grateful to PDSA for helping Storm. We thought she had swallowed the money but it was still a shock to see the x-rays. Although her ordeal is over, it was very upsetting for everyone to see her ill. She’s a much loved family pet!

“We now make sure we do not leave anything lying around that she can get her paws on.”

Veterinary Surgeon, Richard, adds: “Pets do eat strange objects but this is the first time we’ve had a donation from a dog! We are very grateful to Storm for her contribution, but we hope she’s learnt her lesson and will stay away from coins in the future.

“The medical term for this is called pica. Dogs use their mouth to investigate objects as well as to eat. Sometimes a dog will swallow an object by mistake, even though it had only meant to investigate it. I would urge pet owners to check their homes to identify and remove any dangers.”

PDSA have produced a leaflet called ‘Pet Safety Indoors’ which are part of a series of Responsible Pet Care information, covering a variety of pet care topics. The leaflets are available from PDSA PetAid hospitals and PDSA charity shops nationwide or can be downloaded from the PDSA website,

Leicester PDSA PetAid hospital provides free veterinary treatment for the pets of owners who are unable to afford veterinary fees. For further information about PDSA PetAid services call 0800 731 2502 or log onto

Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

Meet Storm: The Canine Cash Point

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