Medical Marijuana For Dogs Becomes Reality

Medical marijuana is becoming more and more accepted as a useful treatment for people suffering pain, nausea related to chemotherapy, epileptic convulsions and HIV/AIDS in the U.S.

Now, pet owners, vets and alternative veterinary carers are saying that that it’s helping pets manage pain and chronic illnesses.

One of those is Los Angeles vet Doug Kramer, 36, known as the ‘Vet Guru’ who told the Associated Press that he feels obligated to speak out about the benefits of the drug.

‘I grew tired of euthanizing pets when I wasn’t doing everything I could to make their lives better,’ he said. ‘I felt like I was letting them down.’

He dosed his Siberian husky Nikita with cannabis during the final weeks of her life after she’d had surgery to remove tumors.

Not only did Nikita stop whimpering while using cannabis, but she started eating, gaining weight and meeting him at the door again, Kramer told the Associated Press.

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