Marley and Me Film Set to Raise Awareness for Rescue Dogs

The upcoming feature film for animal lovers, 20th Century Fox’s Marley & Me, hits theaters on Christmas Day. Recent history indicates the popularity of “Marley” will lead to an increase in Labrador retrievers being acquired. Unfortunately, many of them might soon be surrendered to shelters and breed-rescue groups nationwide as families find out this particular breed just wasn’t the right fit for their lifestyle. Similar upticks in animal acquisitions happened after films such as Beethoven, 101 Dalmatians and even the more recent Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

The American Humane Association and 20th Century Fox have launched a public-awareness campaign about the increased relinquishment of specific breeds of animals after they have been featured in blockbuster movies. Too many dogs are given up after reality sets in about how much responsibility or care they require, or that their needs are diametrically different than the person or families who acquired them.
American Humane and 20th […]

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