Marks and Spencer Pet insurance…

I know M&S have been getting a bad rep, 1st for adding an excess to their policy when it originally had none, then 2nd changing underwriters from AXA to Royal Sun Alliance…

Personally I’m tied in with them because both my dogs have life ong conditions that would make in not economically viable to move.

A fortnight ago I got Benny’s renewal, which was Β£112 less than they tried to charge me for his renewal last year!!! Last year I set up a new policy for him cause he hadn’t been diagnosed with anything so saved over Β£160 on the continuation price. SO result there both last year and this IMHO LOL

10 days ago I put in a pile of claims forms… 2 conditions for Sisky EPI & Hypothyroidism, all dating back to August last year… for Benny three forms, EPI Hypothyroidism, my vet treatment for his CCL injury… remarkably all were processed and completed, cheque in my hot little hands yesterday (sisky’s infact came in on tuesday!!! No dispute, no trying to dodge payment etc… I’m very happy with the service this. They were equally prompt paying out on Benny’s surgery πŸ™‚

I just thought it was worth praising my insureres, I know many seriously grudge paying it, or have hassle, so a little bit of a possitive spin doesn’t go amiss now and then πŸ˜‰

For those in a quandry, about taking out annual insurance…. think on us, I’ve claimed more than 6 grand so far this year, and do most years!!! Β£250/ year/ mutt seems like a good deal to me πŸ™‚

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