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Manchester Dog Hero ‘Overwhelmed’ By Good Wishes After Saving Dog from Railway

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Those set to board the 10.55am train from Manchester Piccadilly train station to Liverpool witnessed an act of true canine heroism when Mickey Parkes stepped in to save a dog who had been dragged on it's lead in front of a train.

Speaking after the incident Mr Parkes, a dog lover originally from Nottingham, told K9 Magazine that he had been 'overwhelmed by everyone's comments' since the news broke.

Photo credit: Instagram/Mickey Parkes

Explaining how the incident unfolded in the Daily Mail he said: "I first saw the guy while I was getting my train ticket, screaming and shouting to himself in the station. While waiting for my train 20 minutes later he jumped down on to the train tracks. There was something clearly wrong with him."

He continued, "Everyone was shouting to get him off the track but he was just shouting back at them. I saw the train coming, and my concern was that on the other side of the track there is a metal railing, and for some reason I had it in my head that he would try and jump over with the dog. There's a 40ft drop on the other side, so it would almost certainly have killed both of them. 'My instinct was to get down and get the dog. I had to wrestle it off of the guy."

Afterwards, Mr Parkes was approached by the dog's owner and refused to hand him back. He then handed the dog over to the police, who had arrived after being alerted to the incident.


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