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Man Who Punched Dog in Face Described it as ‘Training’

A man told onlookers that he was only ‘training’ a dog whilst repeatedly punching his girlfriend’s West Highland Terrier in the face.
As reported by a Scottish Newspaper, onlookers called police to the children’s play area, where they had seen Stephen Carey first attack the West Highland Terrier. They told police Carey 43, ‘Picked up the dog by its neck and hit it 3 times as it screamed and yelped in pain’.
Carey and his girlfriend Karen Meehan 40, and his two children went to visit the children’s play area in Inch Park, Edinburgh on 3rd August. It was reported that shortly after arriving, the Terrier called Charlie began to play fight with a Labrador, whose owner called to Casey to keep control of his pet.
After exchanging angry words to the Labrador’s owner, Casey called over Charlie and that’s when the attack began.
The Scottish Newspaper reports that Annette Macbeath who was leaving [...]

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