Man Kept Rottweiler Caged in Cupboard for TWO Years

A ‘man’ who kept his pet dog in small cage in a cupboard has been banned from keeping animals for life

Tyrone McCalla of Aston, Birmingham cruelly treated his pet Rottweiler Cross, Rahib for 2 years.

It is reported how McCalla went on holiday and left the dog in a small room for a week with only one bowl of food and one bowl of water.

The RSPCA were tipped off about Rahib and inspectors found the dog in horrific conditions where the dog was kept in a tiny cage that has left the dog with a bent spine.

One rescue worker said this was the worst case of animal cruelty she had seen.

RSPCA Inspector Herchran Boal said, ”When we took the dog from the house he was so overwhelmed by everything, a leaf, grass, a tree. We all had tears in our eyes.”

McCalla was charged at Birmingham Magistrates with 3 charges of failing to feed and keep a dog properly. The court heard that he never took the dog out for a walk and only let the dog out in another room twice a week.

In an interview read out in court by the RSPCA, McCalla claims he only thought the dog was a puppy and didn’t need walking yet. In court he said, ”I treat my puppy the way I want to treat it”.

The dog has now been rehomed and is fully recovered and is looking forward to a new life.

Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

Man Kept Rottweiler Caged in Cupboard for TWO Years

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