Found lots of lumps/bumps all over my boxers head last night! Not something i have felt whilst stroking or grooming but when he stood on the doorstep the outside light was shining on his head and i could see them – about 20 in varying sizes.

He was fit and well until 18 months ago when he developed a lot of skin infections (pioderma between the toes and under the chin, seasonal alopecia) following skin scrapes, biopsy and lots of anti biotics this cleared up and he then got sick (swolen glands, lethargy, lack of appetite, vomiting and bloody stools) he had lots more antibiotics and had lots of tests, including stomach xrays and lymphoma test – all of which were inconclusive. This seemed to settle and other than the occasional vomiting and lack of appetite (aprox once every two weeks for just half a day and usually follows feeding 2nd meal later than 6pm or not soaking kibble prior to feeding) he has been fine. I think i can see a bit of weight loss but not sure if i’m being paranoid!

Any ideas what this could be?

I’m going to get him an appointment with the vet for today, although i must admit i’m reluctant to because i just feel the vet will pump him full of antibiotics again for months on end and then i’ll have an empty purse and still no answers! I’m sure his immune system must be shot from all the antibiotics they gave him before for such a long time!

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