Los Angeles Life Coach Gone to the Dogs

Hollywood stars are famed for their love of gurus and spiritual guidance. But now, it seems, if you're a Los Angeles life Coach you need to be able to advise your client on everything from what to wear to what dog to choose.

Los Angeles is probably, along with New York, home to the highest collection of professional life coaching businesses anywhere in the world.

The stars who have 'made it' in Hollywood still, it would appear, need the reassuring hand of an experience professional who has been there and done it.

Edmund Adler, publisher and self improvement reporter:

"We've noticed that no matter how successful someone may be in their own right, they still lean toward the advice and opinion of others – often in the form of a life coach. The reality is, many people find it hard to understand why uber successful people turn to life coaches but given the huge number who do, it is perhaps worth the consideration that it is partly because of their willingness to seek to the counsel of others that highly successful people get that way and stay that way.

We've even seen cases where a celebrity has turned to their life coach for advice on what dog to choose or in one case, what high chair would be best for their 'stylish' baby.

It sounds silly, but the life coach wants to keep their client so their next natural step is to go out, do the research and they will invariably help their client to reach the right decision, be that about the dog they choose to spend the next 15 years with or the style of baby high chair they should buy. This is a relationship that clearly works as so many successful people are doing it."

Life coaches aren't just there to give out compliments when they're not warranted.

The rich and famous are not renowned for taking criticism too well, but behind the scenes it is often those professionals who have the conviction to tell their client when something isn't working or if they could use a touch of cosmetic dentistry – that the client really respects and often retains at the highest price.

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