Lily is in pain

Hi everyone.

Lily was spayed today. She’s obviously very uncomfortable, which is to be expected on her first night. The vet advised that she’d had painkillers, which would be enough. I wanted to check whether people thought her behaviour was normal, as it’s heartbreaking to see her like this.

She’s not really able to walk and couldnt get down the steps to our house, neither up onto sofa etc – all to be expected. We lifted her onto sofa and she’s lying next to me now. She’s whining with every breath, almost panting, and occassionally pawing the arm of the sofa with a large whine. Every time she attempts to get up, she collapses down again (I think this is purely exhaustion, as she is physically able to get up – she did earlier for a wee and poo). She hasn’t eaten since last night, bar a few chocolate drops when she got home.

Sorry if this is all normal – first dog and worried mother!!

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