Life Saving Rottweiler is a Hero: ‘Beamish’ Sniffs Out Owner’s Cancer

A much needed PR boost for a much (unfairly) maligned dog breed.
Chris Tuffrey from Banbury, Oxfordshire has praised his pet Rottweiler for locating a cancerous mole.
As reported by BBC Oxfordshire, Mr Tuffrey is thanking his dog, Beamish for continuously ‘nuzzling and licking’ him and trying to lift his arm to indicate where the cancerous mole was.
He became confused about Beamish’s latest behaviour and started to think “What’s wrong with me?” Eventually he decided to get his mole looked at by his local doctor, where they confirmed Melanoma. Within 2 weeks he was transferred to Oxford’s Churchill hospital and had the mole removed.
Beamish is now considered a very special friend and Mr Tuffrey spoke of his potential life-saving companion, ‘He’s a very laid back dog, and I shall be grateful to him for the rest of my life.’

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