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Lancashire Council Voting in Consultation to Ban Dogs from Public Spaces in Accrington

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Hyndburn Council have voted in favour of a consultation which could see dogs banned from council owned public spaces, such as sports pitches, parks and children's play areas, in Accrington.

According to the Accrington Observer the Cabinet member for Leisure, Education and Arts Councillor Ken Moss confirmed that on top of the current list of places dogs are banned that “We are looking to expand that list and increase powers of dogs on leads in cemeteries and on sports fields.”

dog in park photo
Photo Credit: ?ick Harris

Councillor Paul Cox further boosted Mr Moss's hopes by saying, “Environmental Health will be doing the enforcing on this, it’s an ideal opportunity to look at improving.” Opposition leader Councillor Tony Dobson also welcomed the decision.

The proposals under review would see dogs kept on leads in designated town centre areas in Accrington and in each of the townships. Dogs would also be required to be kept on leads in the three borough cemeteries.


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  1. let me see if i get this right. it is ok for adults to leave trash, soiled baby diapers, used condoms, but a wee bit of dog poo is hard on the environment. i don’t think so, make people pick up after their dogs.

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