ive just met my friends 9 month old labradooodle that she was give as the family couldnt cope with him. hes soo adorable but full of beans and has not been taught any manners.
neighbours complain that hes barkng they even shouted when i was there but to be honest he wasnt that bad he wasnt doing it all the time only when over excited. anyway by the time id left id shown them how to catch his attention made him sit and wait .he was trying to dominate their other dog but again by the time i left he knew he was at the low end of the pack!!!
he is really a good boy just need to learn some manners and commands was there for an hour and when i left he was not barking and was lying in his bed tired out, wont take too long for them to teach him some manners and they were delighted as they didnt want to ass him on again as they had falen in love with him.

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