Oh and I are considering buying a Kennel for the muttleys (for when we are out) obv, if we do then we will be using common sense with it (padlocks on kennel and garden gate). Of course, I wont just chuck em out, and let them get on with it, but they will be trained to it (like you would a crate)

I was just wondering if anyone here uses Kennels for their dogs for this purpose? If so, where did you get it from, what size is recommended?

(The only reason this is being considered, is because our front room is slowly being ruined (is my fave room in the house), window sills has Kerrie Claw marks from where she jumps at the windows (which are also being ruined) and as she is the one who is able to open (and raid freezers) she cant be left anywhere else.)

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